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We Are Grateful

-April and Della Chase from Worcester, MA
Pet Name: April, Della

We are Leonbergers so we are intelligent enough to write this note instead of letting our parents do it. (April is almost 3 years old and Della is almost 7 months old.) Our parents have brought their dogs to Abbott since 1979 and they are very grateful for the care that the dogs have received. Della is especially grateful to Dr. Handy for taking care of her when she had a problem after she was spayed.

Excellent care

-Irma Lespasio from Shrewsbury, MA
Pet Name: Bobby

Over many years I have taken all my pets (5) to Abbott Animal Hospital, although it is a good distance away from where we live. When VCA took over I was not quite sure if the great care my pets received would continue. However, I am extremely happy to say that everything continues the same and even better. I want to thank ALL the staff for their expertise and exceptional friendliness and courtesy extended each visit.

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-Julie from Worcester, MA
Pet Name: Royler

My dog recently passed away, I came home and found him lying on my floor. I rushed him to VCA Abbott but he did not make it. I was and am devastated he was the best dog ever and he was my world my best friend. A few days ago I received a card from Dr. Tuxbury, who was the one who tried to save him and added was a paw print of my dog. I was very thankful for that, it was a real great thing she did. I will always bring my dogs to Abbott, they are the best animal hospital around.

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-Ann Brennan from Southbridge, MA
Pet Name: Casey Brennan

It has been a hard week for us as October 29, 2011 nears. That was the day we had to say good-bye to our 12 1/2 year old chocolate lab Casey. Casey had his first vet check when he was a pup with Dr. Rocheleau. But when he needed it most the ENTIRE STAFF as always was there for us from Dr. Pellegrini taking the time to talk to us the day before, to the staff being ready for us when we arrived with Casey and carrying him in for us to having a room set up for us so we could say good-bye in private. As we remember Casey we would like to take the time to remember and thank Dr. Pellegrini and all the staff for the kindness we received on such a difficult day.

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VCA Hospital- Abbott

-Dan from Worcester, MA
Pet Name: Lancer

I have been coming to VCA Abbott for 2 years with my cat Lancer. It has been one of the best places I have brought my animals. Dr. Wang is a terrific vet. WARL reccomended Abbott and I gave it a shot and loved it. The staff are so nice and treat your pets with great care. I would highly reccomend this hospital.

Amazing, compassionate service

-Kimberlee from Worcester, MA
Pet Name: Cliff

3 weeks ago tomorrow, we made the difficult decision to say goodbye to our 16 year old cat, Cliff. I cannot say enough for the manner in which Abbott handled this very difficult time in our lives. From the reception staff, to the incredibly caring Dr. Pellegrini - from making the appointment, to picking up his ashes, we were treated with a level of compassion that cannot be put into words. About a week after his passing, we received a card in the mail from Abbott - with a sweet note of sympathy, and best of all, Cliff's paw prints. This small gesture had an incredible impact - it's something we will cherish. Thank you so much for your amazing service through this trying time.

Difficult Rudy

-Sandie Glanville from Worcester, MA
Pet Name: Rudy Girardin

Rudy, my very difficult Puggle hates to have his nails trimmed. I had to have him sedated in order to get this done recently. I was a bit nervous, but, the care and compassion that was given by Dr. Fornari and her assistant, Jenn was amazing. There they sat on the floor, Dr. Fornari was holding Rudy's head while Jenn clipped his nails. Even while sedated, Rudy managed to try and pull away. They were so awesome with him. Way to make a very difficult situation reasonably easy. Great Work.

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My Care

-Max III from Worcester, MA

I am a Cocker Spaniel puppy. I love Dr Pellegrini!!! The VCA Abbott Hospital is a good place to come for my shots and general care. My masters have taken me and my predecessors here because the care we receive is high quality and the customer service is outstanding!!

Happy with care

-Lisa P from Princeton, ME
Pet Name: Lumi

I am in Princeton, Mass. and have used this hospital for 20 years and am extremely happy with all care. I use Dr. Pelligrini whenever I can, she is super; always on the money with her diagnosis and plan of care. The techs and desk staff are respectful and caring.

Getting started

-Marmalade's Mommy from Worcester, MA
Pet Name: Marmalade

My cat, Marmalade, has been seen by Dr. Pellegrini and Dr. Ciminello. He was also seen as an emergency once by a different VCA veterinarian, Dr. Fornari, who provided wonderful care. We LOVE VCA!! They are all about the pets and the best care for the pets. I highly recommend VCA and its assorted vets to anyone. We have a special place in our hearts for Dr. Ciminello, but all of the vets there are wonderful, compassionate people who love animals.