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Cisco's Life

-Donisio Lopez from Riverside, CA
Pet Name: Cisco

I have recently taken my puppy Cisco to Acacia animal hospital bacause my dog had come in contact with parvo. Due to long hours at work I was unable to take him to get his scheduled vaccinations. The staff at Acacia was so helpful, they they gave me all the information, the supplies, and medication to make sure that my lil doggy pulled through this crippling, life threatening virus. My dog is now all better and running around and getting in to all kinds of trouble. The staff was quick, efficient and very informing about my situation at hand.

Puppy's Life

-Kay Grebe from Corona, CA
Pet Name: Puppy

Our family adopted an 11 week old Chi-Weenie from a private party and after having her for a day she started getting sick. We took her to Aacacia and it turned out that she had Parvo. The Vets at the hospital where so caring and nice and helped us care for her Parvo at home, since we could not afford hospitalization.

During the Parvo treatment Puppy came down with a case of pneumonia. We took her to the ER and Aacacia did everything they could for her and sent us home with some medications. Puppy chances of survival where very slim. Luckily due to the animal hospital and home care Puppy was able to pull through and is happy and healthy. I truly believe that Aacacia Animal Hospital saved our dog's life.

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VCA Aacacia saved my dogs life, twice.

-Linda from Riversida, CA
Pet Name: Jack

My little dog Jack was attacked by 3 large dogs. Not only did VCA Aacacia save his life late that first night when they operated on him, they saved his life again over a week later when they removed the gangrene that was forming within his tissues. It has been a very long and difficult road. But my little Jack is happy and playing now. Thank you, VCA Aacacia, for giving me more time with my best friend.

Care and Compassion

-Jasper's Dad from Anaheim Hills, CA
Pet Name: Jaspet

Just after midnight, in the very early hours of Monday, November 29th, I arrived with a very ill do for what I deemed as an emergency. I had the impression that he was very ill, but to what extent I did not know. Following an initial examination Dr Kumar informed me that he was seriously ill. Her diagnosis was an enlarged bladder with a possible rupture and stones. Subsequent x-rays revealed only the enlarged bladder. However, surgery later that day proved the diagnosis to be correct. The stones were flushed out, and the bladder was repaired. Many people were involved in the care of my dog, beginning with my initial encounter with the receptionist, Esmeralda, until the following day when he was released to me. I must confess that I occasionally had doubts regarding his prognosis. However, telephone calls from not less than three different doctors, day and night with details of every procedure, allowed me to relax. The care and compassion, not to mention the professionalism demonstrated by the entire staff was incredible, something that I had yet to experience from any animal hospitals, clinics or veterinarians. I honestly cannot describe how pleased I am with the care that was given to Jasper. I want to thank doctors Dhama, Kumar and Guirguis, and everyone else that had a hand in Jasper's ordeal, for the care and concern that they displayed to both of us.


-anisa from corona, CA
Pet Name: marlene

brought my puppy marlene in for injury to her toes and aacacia took very good care of her helpd her get better

Wonderful Care

-Ciarra from Riverside, CA
Pet Name: Cobie

I was sent to Aacacia Animal Hospital from Banfield because my cat Cobie had urinary calculi and had to be hospitalized for 2 nights. I was a mess and this was my first cat and I didn't realize how much I cared for him until I found out he almost died. They took great care of him and Dr. Carlson was wonderful!! She called me when she said she would, and updated me on everything that was going on with him. When she was not available, everyone else on staff that I spoke with put me at ease and I trusted he was in great hands from everyone there. Thankfully, he came home 2 days later and is now on Rx food but has not been sick since. I am grateful to this animal hospital for saving/taking care of my Cobie.

VCA saved my dog Stan's life

-Elidia from Corona, CA
Pet Name: Stan

Stan was only with us for one week when he started displaying sx of the parvovirus. we took him in and we got a test stating he was positive for the virus. We were sent home with clear instructions on how to take care of him and called several times to make sure i was doing everything right. the staff was very helpful/understanding. if it wasn't for their help i don't think Stan would be here today. i recommend VCA to ALL pet owners.


-James from Lake Elsinore, CA
Pet Name: ROXY

This hospital is the best. I wish VCA could treat humans. Our kitty had a bad eye and we took her to VCA and was in and out within a hour. Great weekend hours, no waiting and the best prices of all the vets I called. CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS #1 from the first phone call to the front desk to the assistant and the best doctor ever. Make VCA your first call.


Pet Name: rusty

always ready to help

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Ralo's First Visit

-Eileen from Riverside, CA
Pet Name: Ralo

Simply Amazing