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Great bird care

-Cody and Louie's mom from Pasadena, CA

Dr. Sostrain is the best bird doctor! I didn't know anything about taking care of birds and she's helped me tremendously. She also did great care of Cody when he fell off his perch and split open his chest twice! He healed up fine and she did a great job fixing him up! Great team, too!

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Thank you Dr. Alemzadeh

-Sammy and Lily's mom from Burbank, CA
Pet Name: Sammy and Lily

Dr. Alemzadeh always takes care of my 2 parakeets in a kind and caring way. She spends lots of time observing and caring for my babies and she makes sure that all of my questions are answered. She even phones me at home to make sure Sammy and Lily are doing OK and leaves messages for suggested treatments or guidelines. Thank you for being our awesome doc Dr. Alemzadeh! =)