VCA 29 Palms Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Great Service and Care

-Ines from Twentynine Palms, CA
Pet Name: Brownie

The care, work and help from the Animal Hospital in 29 Palms has been outstanding. Our mini-Schnauzer has received the utmost attention from the staff which both my husband and I are very thankful for.

Time to grieve

-Tanya from 29Palms, CA
Pet Name: Buster

The staff at VCA were wonderful as our family dealt with the death of our beloved dogs Molly and Archie. On both occasions they have given us ample time to spend with our babies and time to cry, say goodbye and gather our thoughts in order to safely drive home after they had passed. It has been a few years since Molly died and about a year for Archie. We have their cremated remains in beautiful boxes on our mantel and miss them greatly.

We now have a new pup (Buster) that receives all of his healthcare needs from VCA 29 Palms.

Thank You VCA staff for putting our pets as your top priority!

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-Liz from Helena, MT
Pet Name: Cammy

I lost my beloved friend Cammy while visiting my son in Twentynine Palms. The doctor and staff at VCA had never seen me, or Cammy, before but they were truly wonderful to both of us and their kindness, thoughtfulness and sympathy was so appreciated. I have included my favorite "baby" picture of Cammy, taken in Las Vegas in 2005. Yes, she is a little bit wet in the pic :). Liz